New to smart lighting? Get started with easy smart lighting with this Hue smart bulb. Just using Bluetooth, without the Hue Hub, you can control up to 10 lights in 1 room. Comfy on the couch? No need to get up to change your lights. Control your lights using the (free) Hue Bluetooth app or with just your voice with Alexa (Google Assistant coming soon). Want to upgrade your whole home with smart lighting? Add a Hue Hub to control up to 50 light points, get access the full Hue capabilities (Home & away control, timers/routines, more smart home partners) and extended product portfolio (indoor/outdoor smart lighting and accessories). Already a Philips Hue customer? This bulb is also compatible with the Hue Hub. Philips Hue, the creator of Smart Lighting, brings you the most comprehensive, up-to-date and secure smart lighting ecosystem.

  • Add color to any room with a single smart bulb, which offers warm to cool white light as well as sixteen million colors
  • Use Bluetooth for instant light control in one room or connect to the Hue bridge to unlock the full suite of features
  • Connect up to ten smart bulbs or fixtures and change their light settings with the touch of a button in the Hue Bluetooth app for iOS and Android or voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Effortless, wire less dimming, turn your smart lights on and off and dim from bright to low nightlight without rewiring your home
  • (HUE BRIDGE sold separately), a bridge lets you control up to fifty lights in your entire house, use away from home control, set timers and routines​