Household Essentials Rolling Three-Bag Laundry Sorter in light ash is rolling smooth-topped laundry organizer that uses three washable bags to pre-sort laundry. This laundry cart has a top and bottom laminate panel with a light ash finish. The panel provides a smooth top, perfect for folding laundry, holding a laundry basket or storing laundry supplies. The cart is 31.5 inches high x 31.5 inches wide x 17.32 inches deep, making it a great size for comfort and convenience. The bags attach to metal frames via hook and loop fasteners (be sure to close these before washing to minimize lint). The metal frames pull out along grooved wood tracks, like drawers, easy access to laundry. Place a sorter in the hallway for the entire family. Place another in the laundry room.

Household Essentials 3-Bag Laundry Sorter Cart:

  • Rolling 3-bag laundry sorter with 6-load capacity
  • 3 separate, removable, machine-washable laundry bags
  • Smooth, flat-top cart