The FACILAVI bidet toilet seat is multifunctional. FACILAVI has taken all the most popular bidet features requested by customers to create a premium bidet toilet seat.

  • Bidet Toilet Seat – Includes heated seats, softer closes, induction seating, and warm water washing. For your security and tranquility of mind, stainless steel self-cleaning needles clean itself before each flush and mesh filtering the filters out pollutants like rust.
  • Smart Toilet Seat – Family members may enjoy an enjoyable time thanks to the appropriate nozzle spraying pressure, the less harsh and less stimulating water vapor paired cleaning, and the distinctive cleaning mode for women’s periods of menstruation.
  • Wireless Remote – lets you modify the water and seat temperature, as well as increase and reduce the water pressure settings, with easy one-touch operation of bidet functions
  • Quick and easy DIY installation. Upgrade your bathroom in minutes with a home bidet, no plumber required
  • Elongated seat – 19.9″L x 15.8″W