Have you ever experienced the fun of jumping on water? Then we recommend this inflatable water bouncer for you to have this novel and cool fun. It is composed of PVC material, nylon cloth and bungee cord, providing good elasticity and a long service life. The trampoline is tear-resistant, waterproof, weather-resistant, and can support 330 pounds, making it ideal for water entertainment. What’s more, the water bouncer is equipped with a 3-step rope ladder and several firm handles, allowing you to easily land on this platform and take a rest after swimming. In addition, this is also a good platform for sunbathe or fishing, as long as you’ve fixed the anchor. And the package includes a powerful electric inflator, which helps you quickly blow up the trampoline and get into the water. Come and get it for the vacation!

Large bouncing area for an adult or 2 kids jumping at the same time
Use bungee cord to replace springs for great elasticity and water resistance
Made of elastic nylon cloth and heavy-duty PVC material for an endured quality
Complete package includes an electric inflator, a rope ladder, 3 mooring ropes and an anchor
Set up the inflatable bouncer in 10 minutes with the bonus inflator
Fitted with a rope ladder and secured handles for easy boarding
Attach the anchor to the trampoline to increase stability
A good platform for water sports, sunbathing and fishing
Easy to store and transport after deflating
Suitable for calm waters with a depth over 6.5 ft

Color: Yellow, Green
Material: PVC, Oxford Cloth
Overall Dimensions: 120” x 120” x 25.5” (L x W x H)
Net Weight: 40 lbs
Diameter of Bouncing Area: 75”
Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
Recommended Age: no less than 14 years old
Max Pressure: 3.7 PSI
Required Water Depth: 6.5 ft

Package Includes:
1 x Water Bouncer
1 x 500W Electric Inflator
3 x Mooring Rope
1 x Rope Ladder
1 x Anchor
1 x Instruction

  • Large Bouncing Area for Endless Fun: This floating trampoline provides large jumping surface that is already attached to the support frame. Its load-bearing capacity is up to 330 pounds, enough to support an adult or 2 teenagers jumping at the same time. Compared with the land trampoline, it allows you to enjoy the joy of jumping on the cool water.
  • Easy to Transport & Set Up: The inflatable water bouncer is relatively small and easy to transport. Therefore, you can enjoy bouncing in the waters far away from home. In addition, with the powerful electric inflator, it only takes 10 minutes to blow up the bouncer, allowing you to hit the water in no time!
  • Complete Accessories: To get you ready for a pleasant and safe water bouncing experience, we provide a 500W electric inflator, a rope ladder, 3 mooring ropes and an anchor in the package. You can fill the anchor with water or sand and fix it on the trampoline for increasing stability on water.
  • Durable & Weather-resistant Material: Our water bouncer is built to provide a long-lasting outdoor fun. Instead of metal springs, it selects high-quality elastic bands together with durable nylon cloth that are more suitable for outdoor water environment. Meanwhile, the colorful parts are made of heavy-duty PVC material, which features puncture-proof and weather resistant quality.
  • Great Platform for Water Sports: This recreational trampoline can also work as a swim platform since it is equipped with a rope ladder and reinforced handles for easy boarding. After swimming, you can climb onto the trampoline again and lounge on it to enjoy sun bathing. Thus, it is ideal for family vacation at a summer lake.