The Lodge Yellowstone 8 Quart Seasoned Cast Iron Power Y Deep Camp Dutch Oven, 12 inch Diameter is a meal-time legend that will be your go-to campfire cooking tool. Made with just iron and oil, the cast iron camp dutch oven features a durable design, sturdy feet for cooking over coals, and a steel bail handle, making it the perfect campfire partner. The dutch oven’s naturally nonstick surface provides excellent heat retention and distribution for consistent cooking at any temperature. Use it to slow-cook your campfire favorites under the stars—this dutch oven loves to go on adventures. Lodge cast iron is built to last for generations, so you can serve memories at every meal, year after year. Lodge Cast Iron has been making heirloom-quality cookware and accessories since 1896. Backed by over 125 years of experience, each piece of Lodge cookware is crafted for durability and versatility. We don’t just make cookware — we make memories that last for generations.
  • 12 inch / 8 quart cast iron camp dutch oven with bail handle
  • Nonstick surface seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil
  • Safe for use over coals or campfire
  • Designed for outdoor cooking and not intended for indoor use
  • Bail handle made of galvanized hard tempered basic steelGreat for high-heat cooking and searing
  • Easy to clean: just hand-wash, dry, and rub with oil
  • Made of all natural ingredients
  • Cookware that stays in the family and out of the landfill
  • Made in Tennessee