Inflate 195/65/R15 tires from 0-35PSI in less than 4 minutes and from 28-35PSI in 40 seconds

  • Inflate with 4 programmed settings:Easily inflate your cars, motorcycles, bikes and balls with 4 PSI presets. Take the guesswork out of the inflation and get to your adventures faster!
  • Cordless power: Don’t let cords limit your mobility. Our rechargeable air inflator allows you to inflate anywhere, anytime without the need for an external power source.
  • Portable and lightweight: Our compact design makes storing the air inflator a breeze. Whether you keep it in your car, garage, camper, or tote bag, its portability ensures peace of mind before hitting the road.
  • Durable: Our tiny but mighty design is perfect for supporting your active lifestyle. Every corner is reinforced with high-quality materials and bumpers to absorb and distribute impact.
  • 3 Inflator attachments: Outside of filling up your car tires, we have provided 3 additional attachments to inflate a multitude of tires, balls, inflatables and more for your convenience. It’s like having 4 inflators in 1!
  • Warm tips:our inflatable pump is mainly designed for cars,bicycles,motorcycles,balls,swimming rings,small air mattresses.Not made for large items.