Love your garden but tired of struggling with a traditional hose? The retractable garden hose reel minimizes manual work and provides enhanced convenience. Get ready to make watering your garden easier and more enjoyable! Say goodbye to tangled, messy hoses and hello to effortless convenience with our feature-packed hose reel.
Never struggle with manual rewinding again. Our hose reel boasts automatic rewind technology, allowing you to effortlessly retract the hose securely and slowly with just a slight pull. No more worries about damage or injury caused by overly fast retraction. Enjoy a hassle-free gardening experience every time.
  • Locked at Any Length & Safe Speed Auto-Retract: The hose automatically locks in place at any length, eliminating the need to pull it all the time. The safe speed design ensures a controlled and safe retraction, making it ideal for children and seniors.
  • Auto-Retraction Reel With 82+8 ft Hose: After use, a slight tug on the hose triggers the automatic retraction system. The braking mechanism ensures a slow and controlled rewind, while the layering system neatly coils the hose for storage.
  • 8 Patterns Hose Nozzles & Replaceable Hose: The hose comes with a 7-pattern nozzle, allowing you to choose the perfect water pattern for your needs. The hose is also replaceable, following the provided instruction video.
  • 180 Degree Coverage: The robust wall bracket allows the hose reel to pivot 180 degrees, ensuring you can water every part of your garden. The provided screws and wall plugs are suitable for brick, concrete, and stone walls.