Keep foods fresh up to 5x longer with the Presto FreshDaddy Compact Electric Vacuum Sealer. It features a convenient top-mounted bag cutter for making custom-length bags for freezer, refrigerator, and pantry food storage. Save money by buying food in bulk and making portioned packages of meat and fish for easy meal planning. Preserve vegetables for meals and fruits for smoothies. Package and seal nuts, rice, and cookies to keep them fresh longer. This compact-sized model is also ideal for sous vide. Seal food in vacuum bags for perfect sous vide meals every time. Soft-touch buttons offer options for moist or dry food, seal only, and vacuum seal. The airtight vacuum seal helps to protect food from freezer burn and reduces waste. It’s also a great way to safeguard non-food items from moisture or corrosion. Includes one 8” x 10’ roll for making bags, four quart-size bags, and an accessory port for use with reusable zipper bags with ports and containers. Vacuum tube, zipper bags with ports, and containers sold separately. Works with FreshDaddy and most other brands of bags and rolls.
  • Settings for dry or moist food, seal only, and vacuum seal
  • Soft-touch buttons for easy selection of food modes and sealing functions
  • Dry and moist modes for nuts, rice, cookies, vegetables, fish and more
  • Indicator lights scroll when any operation is in progress
  • Vacuum sealing keeps food fresh for up to 5 times longer than ordinary methods
  • Airtight seal helps prevent freezer burn and reduce waste. Save money by buying in bulk
  • Starter bag set includes one 8” x 10’ roll plus four quart-size bags
  • Works with FreshDaddy™ and most other brands of bags and rolls