SHOE BOX Size: 14×10.4×6 inches.

Suitable for Men’s Shoes Up To Size 9.

Suitable for Women’s Shoes Up To Size 10.

  • New Stackable Design: Convex points and grooves allow for easy stacking and versatile assembly options, maximizing storage space.
  • Suitable Dimensions: Measures 14″ in length, 10.4″ in width, and 6″ in height, accommodating various shoe sizes including women’s up to size 10 and men’s up to size 9.
  • Perfect for Closet Organization: Effectively maximizes closet space, providing a cost-effective solution for organizing shoes and other items.
  • Wide Applicability: Versatile storage for shoes, hats, bags, books, toys, and crafts, suitable for various rooms including closets, bedrooms, offices, and garages.
  • Clear and Breathable: Clear front door for easy visibility, rear ventilation holes for air circulation, and made of durable, environmentally friendly plastic material.