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Feeling a little cramped in the garage? Maybe you need more room for storage on your pool deck. Maybe you need a spot to store your kids’ outdoor toys? No need to worry – the chic and incredibly sturdy 10*10 shed is ideal! It will blend effortlessly into your backyard, thanks to its attractive yet modern design. It has great built-in ventilation. You can move all your bikes, sporting goods, pool supplies and heavy equipment to the shed because it is an enhanced storage shed (larger access surface, taller, deeper interior area). Therefore, you can manage your garage and make room for all your cars(Products without floor frame)
  • Spacious Outdoor shed: For a 10′ x 10′ tool shed, the dimensions are 121″ x118.1″ x 80.3″; the door measures 60″ x 66.5″. Compared with the conventional models and the same size models on the market, the door surface is expanded by 30cm, the door height is increased by 5cm, the door width is increased by 15cm, with a larger entry surface, the internal height and deepening space. A large shed in the backyard with plenty of room to store ladders, lawn mowers and other household items; easy access to more large equipment and a pleasure to use without feeling constricted.
  • Excellent designed to be more reliable: We meticulously constructed the sloping roof for all sizes of sheds after extensive research and surveying to prevent water retention on particularly rainy days. Specially designed air vents prevent any interior air shortage, and plastic closures prevent injuries while people are nearby.
  • Provide matching shelves and hooks: Set up coordinating hooks and shelving. Redesigned shelves can be put without disassembly tool room, consumers can also be utilized in the subsequent experience of the second purchase. Depending on the actual needs of the customers, shelves can be raised or lowered.
  • Professional Wrapping and 24-hour sincere service: The shed comes with 4 boxes, with all hardware inside, and we provide a pair of glove to protect your hand while assembly, the instruction videos are deliberately provid