Product details

RENPHO air purifier for allergy & asthma, H13 HEPA filter air purifier with 5-stage filtration provides 360° purification for your indoor air.
This air purifier can improve your indoor air quality and help your family breathe better while keeping your household healthier.
The air cleaner is especially well-suited for those who have babies, the elderly, and pet owners who suffer from allergies.Air purifier adopts the TRUE HEPA H13 filter and can help capture and reduce ultra-tiny particles as small as 0.3 microns, eliminate airborne such as:
Allergy Symptoms: allergic to dust mites, seasonal allergy, chronic allergies, asthmatic, coughing, sneezing, sinusitis, sinus congestion, allergens.
Particles: pollen, dust, large dust particles.
From Pets: odors, hair, fur, lint.
Smell: cigarette smoke, kitchen cooking fumes, weed smell, wildfire, perfumes.

3 Adjustable Fan Speeds
Simply press the speed button to choose from Low, Medium, or High fan speeds based on the air quality around you. When the air purifier turns on, the default fan speed is Medium.

Sleep Mode with Whisper Quiet Operation
Great for sleeping, this air purifier?s sleep mode runs quietly at 26dB. About the level of whispering, it allows you to sleep while purifying your air.

Timer and Lock Function
Conveniently set an auto-off timer for 2 hours, 4 hours, or 8 hours, which helps save money and energy. Press Lock button to activate the keylock mode to avoid errors operation caused by children or pets.

Filter Replacement Indicator
The air purifier’s filter replacement indicator will flash automatically when you need to change to a new filter. It should be replaced every 6-8 months. Please use the official filter model.