Product details

The Hyper Tough 45 Gallon Wheeled Heavy Duty Plastic Garbage Can comes with a strongly secured lid attached with a convenient hinge. The attached lid clicks into place, ensuring the lid stays securely closed when not in use. Never worry about losing the lid in windy conditions. The easy grip handle with pass through divided handle design and the rugged wheels makes transporting your trash from the curb and back effortless. This heavy duty trash can is suitable for both indoor and outdoor storage.
  • RUGGED WHEELS: Built tough, these wheels make for smooth transport while the container is in use. Perfect for outside use on your patio, deck or in your garage.
  • Product Dimensions: 26.090 in. L X 21.690 in. W X 33.700 in. H
  • Large molded passes through the handle
  • Easy to clean plastic design
  • NO BREAK: Made of polypropylene, this can is able to withstand the rough use.
  • Click lock lid
  • BOTTOM HAND GROVE: For easier lifting and pouring. Whether used for your weekly trash or cleaning the yard, the handle grove gives you peace of mind knowing this trash can will do its job.