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Are you in need to clean something far from the convenience of an electrical hookup? No problem, that’s why we created the HART 20V Portable Rinser. This tool can be powered by a 12V DC car outlet or a HART 20V battery for on-the-go cleaning. It does a great job cleaning hands, washing dishes while camping, washing off beach supplies, washing hands, and more; all without the fear of too powerful of a spray. With 8 different spraying patterns to choose from, it is nice to be able to switch between a gentle shower of suds to a more powerful clean water spray. Our rinser even holds its own water with a built-in 5-gallon water tank for maximum portability. The on-board LED light provides increased visibility when washing at night or in a dark space. And with HART’s 20V Lithium-ion battery, you can expect up to 38 gallons per charge! The fact that it is compact and lightweight makes it easy to handle and easy to store. Includes (1) Rinser, (1) 8’ 12V DC power cord, (1) 20’ hose, (1) a multi-nozzle head, (1) 2.0Ah Lithium-ion battery, (1) charger and operator’s manuals.

HART 20-Volt 50PSI  Rinser Kit 

  • Dual power offers ability to clean on the go
  • Compact, lightweight design for portability
  • Power by car or HART 20V Battery
  • Built-in 5-gallon water tank
  • 70/30 PSI
  • 20-Volt 2ah Lithium-ion Battery
  • Model: HGPR0301VNM